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Hello, dear users.
New levels have been added to the My Home module.
We will soon announce the following integrations.
We wish you success!

Dear Users!
The first part of the completed modules was integrated.

1. Auction ECO
2. News Module improvements
3. Increases the limit of sales of ECO from the user from 150 to 500 gold.
4. Improved company modules
5. Module Support the development of the project!

Political parties
Election of the President, the Mayor.

ECO from Users
ECO Automated Withdrawal System.
Real City
And other…

We wish you success.


About Auction ECO:

Eco is placed from the state on the Auction Market fot worldwide.

In order to participate in the ECO Purchase Auction, you must have an active VIP package and 50% minimum energy.

If you place an offer to buy ECO, your energy is down 50%. The energy can be supplemented with Gold or waiting for it to grow alone by 2% per hour.

When placing an offer to buy the ECO Gold offered is withdrawn, and is to be refunded when the auction time finishes.

After the time has passed, the Konsultant will contact the Auction Winner to receive the amount of ECO bought!

We wish you success.


What have I done?

1. Completely new design.

2. Correction / optimization programmed code.


Economic corrections:

1. Productivity:

Every company LLC there is a button + productivity where one user decides which companies to be assigned a certain number of% Productivity.

Thus, the productivity of all companies SRL amount will not exceed the total productivity of the user.

Productivity of VIP packages activated at all companies LLC you own.

Productivity can not be added to LLC is real shares. Get together with other influences on spy that you own productivity.

At S.A. productivity  General Manager automatically adds is enabled only in the VIP package.


2. I dropped by approximately 25% conversion of all companies SA daily GOLD.

3. I saw a bit rate of virtual shares in GOLD.


The module will be integrated Quick Missions and Auction Module ECO and others.

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