Proeconomica blog Final version.What have I done?

What have I done?

1. Completely new design.

2. Correction / optimization programmed code.


Economic corrections:

1. Productivity:

Every company LLC there is a button + productivity where one user decides which companies to be assigned a certain number of% Productivity.

Thus, the productivity of all companies SRL amount will not exceed the total productivity of the user.

Productivity of VIP packages activated at all companies LLC you own.

Productivity can not be added to LLC is real shares. Get together with other influences on spy that you own productivity.

At S.A. productivity  General Manager automatically adds is enabled only in the VIP package.


2. I dropped by approximately 25% conversion of all companies SA daily GOLD.

3. I saw a bit rate of virtual shares in GOLD.


The module will be integrated Quick Missions and Auction Module ECO and others.

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